Excellence in education calls for rigorous hard work, provided the student has clarity of the basic concepts. Balaji Balwan Public School believes it is extremely important for the students to understand the logic behind everything they learn. Especially when they are preparing to appear for their competition exams, each second of their school life counts, and we intend to make each one worth it.

Secondary grade students of VI to X are provided with a more concrete schedule where the focus is on consistent practice of the concepts they have learned through academic rigor that we instill in them. The entire program is oriented at making them prepared for their future, where our highly qualified faculty takes charge of rooting out the fear of typical subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or mathematics. Each subject is taught in a creative manner, by improvising on the practical application on each of it. It increases the productivity as well as their interest in learning too.

Students are subjected to a CBSE curriculum along with teaching methodology based on international norms till grade VIII, after which they are looked after through a specific syllabus relevant to their expertise. Preparation for competition exams like AIPMT, JEE, CLAT etc are also covered under our curriculum.