Primary curriculum elevates a child to another level towards career building practices. The conceptual understanding of the subjects acquired in Early Year Program proves to be of great benefit at this level. New curriculum is introduced to a child with the advancement in the learning subjects.

The factors required for the right career building are the major significant ingredients of the Primary curriculum. Academics, inculcating life values and ethics are thoroughly observed throughout this vital stage in child’s development. With the right approach towards the physical, mental and emotional development of child, he/she can be empowered with comprehensive abilities making him/her capable of discerning his/her academic and personal goals.

The pursuit of the Primary curriculum is a tough task of giving them clear understanding of the topics that are related more to their career, than just their classroom. Our innovative teaching methods, subject relevant Kits for hands-on experience, application of concepts and technology oriented subject ‘Robotics’ help in accomplishing the same.