The Early Years Program for the classes of Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K1, K2, Grade I and Grade II has been designed with an intent to utilize the most flexible state of the student’s minds by engraving healthy learning habits in them, that will last throughout their life. Our primary focus is to engage their interests in learning.

Inspired by various methodologies such as Montessori, Play theory, we have set up a schedule that caters to the curiosities of the children, encouraging them to speak their mind confidently. This plays a crucial role in building an independent thinking environment in classrooms. All of this is complemented with experiential learning methods where they are taught along with fun learning activities making them love learning.

EYP consists of wide range of in-house decodable books called ‘Sound Crackers’, Audio-visual aids and numeric toys and kits, to assure their clarity in basics, fluency in reading and effective learning through visual depiction of practical applications.


Classroom culture has a huge impact on a child’s learning process. Our teachers are specifically trained to facilitate application based learning, be it through kits, activities, or through tactile and visual learning aids.

Once a child enter Grade I & II, he enters a special transition phase between the Early Years Program and the Primary learning phase. We understand the struggle a child goes through,